Kickboxing Training and Useful Tips

There is much discussion online where a martial art follows a belt system or not.

Typically Boxing and MMA don’t follow a belt system, Brazilian JuJitsu does follow a belt system but there are only a few belts and they are awarded rather than tested for. The Eastern style martial arts tend to follow a belt system now although they never used to.

There are two schools of thought with regards to Karate, first that all students started out with a white belt that got darker and blacker over time with usage until when a high degree of proficiency was achieved it became black. The other thinking is that the students all wore white belts to keep their kimonos from flapping about and the instructor wore a black belt to differentiate himself.

Now coloured belts are the norm, as the arts have become more westernised. We in the west seem to like to track our progress.


I’ve been part of organisations where it seemed that the belt grading was more about making money than progress.

One organisation I was part of seemed to have no syllabus and at each grading it was chaos with nobody really knowing what was expected of them, the instructor said that was the eastern way, and another organisation the instructor taught what ever he liked throughout the most part of the year with an intensive few weeks leading up to the grading.

In the Wolfpack, we teach to a syllabus, each lesson builds on the techniques from the last, and each lesson has a lesson plan all working towards the next grading. However we also allow for those who like to just come and train and don’t want to follow the belt system.

Useful Tips : Stinking Boxing Gloves

For many years, I’ve tried to find a way to combat every Kickboxer and Boxer’s dream of having a good pair of gloves that don’t smell like an old shoe.

I’ve researched many websites and asked many people with no conclusive answer…

Things I’ve tried include:

  • Washing gloves out with water
  • Spraying them with anti-bacterial spray
  • Spraying them with Fabreze
  • Using Glove Dogs (Charcoal based bags that slip inside the gloves)
  • Airing them out after each session – Hard if you train alot
  • Leaving in the sunshine – Even harder in Wales
  • Washing my hands before training
  • Loads more too

But now I’ve found the answer!


Silica Gel, you know the sort of thing that comes when you buy new trainers or something via mail order.

A friend of mine works at a well know outdoor shop, most items come with one of these little bags, he asked the staff to save them up for me, normally the throw them away.

Now after training my glove routine is to fill my gloves with about 25-30 of these little bags, then the next morning slip them out and replace them with my glove dogs.

Silica Gel, or Silica Desiccant has a unique property, whilst it may look like a tiny small ball, it is highly porous and attracts water, so it literally sucks the sweat out of the foam and lining of the gloves. Then the charcoal of the glove dogs kill off any remaining bacteria.

And Voila! Gloves that no longer smell like old shoes!